Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chanukah songs, 5775/2014 edition

Here's a little "artwork" that I created in PowerPoint a few years ago (added Dec. 18).


8 Best Hanukkah Videos of 2014 (with some repeats from link above)

Dec. 17 update:  Flory Jagoda sings her Ocho Kandelikas, a Ladino Chanukah song.  (Lyrics in Ladino, with English translation, here.)

Dec. 18 update--old favorites of mine, both musical (links below) and visual ("artwork" above):

The Ein Prat Fountainheads' "Light Up the Night"

The Maccabeats' "Candlelight"

Dec. 20 post-Shabbat laugh spot, or Chanukah humor:

Me (on Erev Shabbat/Sabbath Eve/Friday night):  I was hoping to get to bed early, but first, I have to practice "Roni v'simchi" (Zechariah 2:14-4:7).

Punster:  Who are Roni and Simchi?

Me:  Oh, haven't you heard?  Roni is marrying Simchi Bat Tzion this Sunday.

[After 37 years of marriage to this character, I don't miss a beat.  :) ]


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